Payment methods


  • Cash On Delivery – 5€ : You pay on delivery. The courier collects the amount of your order and shipping costs. 
  • Bank Transfer (Alphabank) – 3,5€ : Please provide a full name at the bank transaction. The customer is responsible for any extra fees, if the transfer is from a different bank.
  • Paypal – 3,5€ : You can use your Paypal account for the transaction.  
  • Credit or Debit Card – 3,5€ : Select Paypal payment and after going to Paypal, click on the button at the bottom of the page that says Pay with Credit or Debit Card. 



  • For orders out of Greece, the payment method is only with Paypal.

Shipping costs (DHL/UPS Express):

– European Union: 12€

– Rest World: 19€